Self Discovery


The month of May is recognized as Mental Health Month since 1949. Growing up, the focus has always been placed on spiritual and physical health. A few years ago I became super interested in the state of my own mental health. I came to find that my mental health was the pillar that held my entire life together and needed to be a priority.

Last year I attended a Mental Health Day event that was hosted by a few friends of mine. During this event, we walked a trail and had a picnic in a park here. This year was the 2nd annual Mental Health Day event. This one was at Hanging Rock State Park. Who knew that there were natural waterfalls in North Carolina? Only forty-five minutes outside of Greensboro! We hiked for hours, soaked up some sun, got our feet wet and used all of our senses to enjoy mother nature. Check out some of the pics and Snapchat footage.

Pretty dope right?

So……..seeing that it’s still May, I decided to share with you a few of the things that I do to keep my mental health healthy and balanced.


I loves me a good read and don’t mind being mentally taken away. I allow my imagination and sense to be fully involved in everything I read. Oh the places that I’ve visited (mentally). Sometimes I’m reading for hours on the couch. Other times, I’m hanging out at a bookstore, coffee shop or restaurant.

Fruit Infused Waters

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. I can’t say it enough! They have plenty of healthy recipes to explore for healthy drinks and meals. Hot water with lemon, honey and/or mint has been a staple for the past year and the only time that I got sick was when I missed a solid week of not drinking it. What does that tell you? But with the summer months approaching, I’ve decided to switch over to cold fruit infused waters.


This is new! I joint iLoveKickboxing earlier this month and I’ve been almost every day since my orientation class. I’ve never been one to fight or harbor aggression but kickboxing has been my safe haven for frustrations that I struggle with expressing. Check out day 3 and don’t you dare laugh!


When all hell has broken loose, these albums ground me:

Camp- Childish Gambino


A Seat at the Table- Solange

Coloring Book- Chance the Rapper

Come Away With Me- Norah Jones

Billy Remembers Billie- Billie Holiday

Fellowshipping with Friends

There’s nothing like it. Solitude is renewing but every now and then, linking up with the gang refreshes me.


I’m not talking about sitting in painful poses changing mediation. My version of meditation is turning on my Himalayan Salt lamp, laying in my floor, legs elevated above my heart and clearing my mind of everything and focusing on nothing at all. There is also a meditation album that I play to fall asleep on occasion.

I also start and end each day repeating my affirmations to myself. Feel free to use them as your own or as a guide to create your own.

I am deserving of good things

I am my own light in dark spaces

I am not a victim of circumstance

The universe is aligning things in my favor

This journey is my own and I choose what to accept

I’m going to leave you with two question to ponder upon for the remainder of the month.

  1. What are you willing to sacrifice for your peace
  2. How do you know when you are “off” and what do you do to get back “on track”?

Take care of yourself folks!