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Making Moves After 5

Guess who’s still thugging it out without being in the claws of Corporate America?




Let me tell you. It’s rough. I thought that I was prepared but not nearly as much as I needed to be. Luckily I’ve got all of the right people encouraging me to continue pursuing my dream despite what the bank account says.


For those of you that are still pushing through the hustle, bustle and bullshit of corporate spaces, stay strong. And by stay strong I mean keep yourself motivated enough to plot your escape!


Until you stop spending 40 hours working toward someone else’s goals and not your own, you’ll continue to be unhappy.



I’m serious. Regardless of how drained and burnt out you are, take a few minutes to work on your own passions…..otherwise you’ll continue to stay on the carousel.


Make moves after 5!


I don’t want to preach so I’ll keep it brief. Hopefully these 3 tidbits of advice replay in your head more than the JG Wentworth jingle.




Write it down

I know. It’s all in your head. What happens if you get distracted by a phone call? Then it’s the “what did I just come up with” conversation with yourself. 9 times out of 10, the bright idea will come back to you when you’re in the shower yet again without a pen or paper in sight. Write it down…….the first time. You could literally be “forgetting” a million dollar idea that could change the trajectory of your life.


Chip away at it

I never said that it had to be done all in one day. If you’re a person like me that tries to force themselves to do something, you’ll do it but it won’t necessarily be as gratifying that it would if you did it organically. Start small. Eventually you’ll get to a place where it consumes you. Then you’ll be struggling to focus even while you’re at work like I did.





Network with those folks that have done what you want to do. Don’t know where to start? Google! YouTube!



Social media is one hell of a storehouse of information. Or maybe you’re a people person. Take advantage of the networking opportunities that your job offers. Everyone only comes for the free drinks anyway.




Once you’ve done all of that. Repeat.