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Guilty as Accused

Slap! Charlene took yet another hit to the face as Brandon’s wife continued her office assault. It was like the middle of a real life Jerry Springer brawl right there in the office of Diane and Lane Consultants. Somehow Nyla, Brandon’s wife found out Charlene’s name. Men. If you’re going to cheat, at least be good at it. Nyla clearly had been plotting this attack for months. She even went as far as having flowers sent to Charlene’s office and home address on several occasions. Apparently today was reserved for the ultimate smackdown.

Nyla had the receptionist page Charlene to the front desk by somehow convincing her that she was an unexpected client. But before Charlene could get the fuck out of dodge, Nyla popped her right in the face. As Charlene lay stretched out in the floor getting clobbered, yelled at and spit on her mind slowly started drift away from her present life. She deserved this ass whooping and she knew it.

It all started a year ago when the affair began………