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Uber Everywhere…..and Lyft Too

I downloaded the apps for Lyft and Uber drivers. I knew that being a driver would allow me the freedom and flexibility that I wanted. I can literally work when I feel like it. I’m currently writing this while waiting for my first ride. I’m in the Lyft/Uber driver lot at the PTI airport. It’s packed with other drivers. They range in age. When I got here, there were 18 other drivers ahead of me in the airport queue. Now there are 15.


You wouldn’t believe all of the thought and preparation that I put into making my ride the ultimate experience. I stocked up on snacks, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cutlery from Wendy’s, bottled water, Advil and Tylenol packets and Android and Apple chargers. Luckily for me, my car already has a full sized outlet and Wi-Fi in the car.


I have high hopes that having the Wi-Fi will help boost my tips and ratings. I even laminated the flyer for what my ride offers.




This also happens to be the cleanest that my car has ever been. I tried to clean every nook and cranny. I wiped down all the side panels, screens, mirrors and windows. I placed eucalyptus air fresheners in the rear window. I purchased selenite stones to keep the energy in my car clear and to clear any passenger blockages as well.


Some of the drivers have gotten out of their cars and are talking amongst each other. I’m in the car minding my business and writing like a true creep. Others are sitting in their cars unbothered. I can imagine how easy and free flowing networking opportunities can happen between drivers. There’s one guy here that’s walked from car to car having conversations with other drivers. I’m sure that will be me in due time. For now I’m simply excited about picking up my first rider. Oh shit, he’s coming to my car.


So I just had a conversation with the Uber/Lyft “spokesperson.” He drives an hour from Virginia everyday to pick up riders at the airport. I don’t think that I’ll be that dedicated but I guess it works for him. He gave me all kinds of tips and tricks for increasing my earnings and hotspots for drivers. I had no idea. I spoke with another driver and he shared that his earnings were $600 a week picking up riders from the airport only. That shit cray!


I landed my first ride. It was a seemingly kind couple that had just flown back into town. The ride was only 7 minutes away and I earned $6.53. They left a $5 tip. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never made $11.53 in 7 minutes. EVER! I had a few more short rides around town for a few non-tippers and then I turned the apps off.


I resumed driving later that night. There were rides few and far between and my last ride was a couple from Raleigh. They kept complimenting me on my car. And kept complimenting. And kept complimenting. And then it got a little weird when they asked if they could have my personal cell number or for me to linger in the area so that I could pick them up after dinner because they liked my vibes. I politely declined. This wasn’t that kind of ride.