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Issa Celebration: The Space Heater

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what a space heater is, just think of it as a house warming for business owners. This was the concept behind The Space Heater event this weekend, hosted by my good friend Erin.

So who the hell is Erin you ask? Erin Pettiford-Watson is a licensed massage and body work therapist with not only one but now two physical locations in addition to providing mobile appointments. Her first space is Kouples Kove Salon located at 615 St George Square Ct in Winston-Salem, NC. The newest location is at 205 S Lyndon St Suite 16 in the heart of downtown Greensboro, NC.

Below is Erin’s current promotion for the month of April.

Erin Pettiford-Watson

Massage and Body Therapy

(336) 355-6717

Facebook: Erin The LMBT

Instagram: erin_the_lmbt

There were plenty of raffles and giveaways and attendees got the opportunity to explore the space. We were also wowed with presentations from some pretty dope vendors such as Toy Makes Faces, Cherish and Bella Beau by Tiara.

Toy Makes Faces

Makeup guru Toy Pettiford provided a master class on how to take our makeup from corporate to cocktail. A few pointers she gave included:

  • Ensuring that you have the basics- toner, moisturizer/eye cream, primer and a finishing mist
  • Explaining what each product does for the skin
  • Application tips i.e. pressing vs. sweeping and how to apply eye liner from outer to inner

Oh yeah, and she definitely does more than makeup! She takes photos as well! Book her today!

Toy Pettiford

Makeup Artistry & Photography

(336) 380-5747

Facebook: Toy Makes Faces

Instagram: toymakesfaces


Ladies, have you heard of the Now We No campaign? What about what our handy dandy feminine products are made of? Still a no? The Now We No campaign aims to educate women AND men about the dangers of some of the most popular feminine hygiene products. Did you know that on an average cycle, women bleed out 15-50 mL per day? Me neither. Did you know that women use over 14,000 sanitary napkins in their lifetimes? Me neither. Ok last one. Did you know that our sanitary napkins are made of shredded newspaper, plastic, wood fibers and sawdust? Of course you didn’t! Pick up your lip sis, me neither. Thanks to Mr. Wray Davis, independent distributor of Cherish premium sanitary napkins, I am now well informed. The Cherish brand has 8 layers, sealed all around in packaging and contain a negative ion strip (instead of the traditional dye strip) that has been linked to alleviating cramps, reducing cycle length and the number of sanitary napkin changes. I’ve never been more excited for my period to come on since I’ve purchased two packs of them.

Wray Davis

Nspire Network Independent Distributor

(336) 392-6377

Belle Beau by Tiara

It ain’t a party without the natural products. Tiara Roberts is your go to for all of your natural bath, body and skincare products. From body butters to body scrubs to vegan lip glosses and carefully crafted oils for the scalp. Check out her website below. It’s almost the summer. Go rack up to stay moisturized!

Tiara Roberst

(252) 333-2764

Facebook: Belle Beau By Tiara

Instagram: bellebeau.tiara

And if you don’t know by now, I love supporting my friends and strangers alike. If you would like for me to attend and/or review your event, feel free to reach out and I’ll try my best to accommodate.