Self Discovery, short stories

The “About Me” Part

Today I’ll start,

My name is Racquell also known as Rocky (cliché I know). I’m finally getting around to my first initial post… have no idea how long I’ve put this off. Here are the basics. I am 27 years young.  I was born and raised in nowhere North Carolina (Townsville) where everybody knows everybody and everybody definitely knows your business. Now I wont lie, I miss the peace and simplicity of home. A lot. But I also love the accessibility of the city (currently Greensboro, North Carolina). I kinda got stuck here after college, like most folks that graduate from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (Aggie Pride). I hold 3 degrees. Associate of Arts- General Studies. Bachelor of Arts- Psychology. Master of Business Administration- Project Management Concentration. None of which are working in my favor at the moment. Surprisingly I landed a corporate job directly out of college-  a position in transportation logistics. Pretty much I’m part of the reason that your trash got picked up this morning, how cool is that?

Uhhh…..let’s see, what else? I’m a fur mom to a 1 year old Shihpoo (Milo)…sidebar….my 1 year old Holland Lop bunny just died literally 2 days ago (rest in peace Kodak). In lighter facts, I love love love taking pictures and hanging out with my friends. They are closer than family and I don’t know how I’d make it without them. For self care, I read self-help books, soak in Epsom salt baths, self-reflect, write and binge on books, movies and music. I’m not a singer but i liveeeeeee for karaoke (Doo Wop/That Thing is my go to, always). I’m also not a dancer but I do consider myself a captain of the twerk team. But the one thing that i love to do more than anything……is talk to people. To ANYONE. About ANYTHING. My friends joke that I’ve never met a stranger and I’m starting to think that they are right.

So yeah, this space just is a place for me to pour (most) of the things that I think about, discuss/want to discuss or that I simply feel are significant enough to mention…..pretty dope right?