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I Love Kickboxing

Y’all ever pass by a business on your way to something else? I was heading to stuff myself with some food on lunch one day and I noticed advertisements for the kickboxing gym beside the restaurant. Initially I blew it off like “yeah right”. And then I got on Facebook only to see an ad for this same gym? I believe in signs and wonders and I didn’t bother waiting for the third. I had to check this place out. That place was I Love Kickboxing- High Point.

I have no idea why people assume that I’m a fighter. I’m really not. As a matter of fact, I am the least likely person to bust a grape in a fruit fight. I just talk heavy shit. I surprised myself when I started doing research. The sucker that I am for a discount found a promotion that iLKB was running – 3 classes (including gloves) for $19.99. Right up my alley.

Orientation was only a dose of what the expectations were. I’m forever writing checks that my ass can’t cash (figuratively of course). I had already been slacking on my workouts as it was and here I was randomly jumping into kickboxing. Idiotic if you ask me.

This was my starting point.

May 12, 2018

I know. Not much to lose. I can only speak for myself. My weight has been fluctuating since I turned 25 three years ago. I didn’t like it one bit. I’d rather buy smaller clothes than bigger ones. I also felt sluggish and was unhappy with the chick I saw in the mirror. That let me know two things. One, it was time for a health change and two, I was the only person that could make that change for myself.

And so it began.

We don’t just jump into kickboxing. Our sessions consist of warmups and stretching. For the record, I absolutely HATE pushups and surrender squats and I prefer planking and burpees. Crazy right?

My favorite moves are the round house kicks. Nothing is more kick ass than the sound of my shins connecting with the bag! My biggest struggle is remembering to keep my face guarded at all times. It just hasn’t become second nature yet.

Now this is after a month and a half in. A little progress is better than no progress and I definitely need to work on my footing and transitioning between my left and right roundhouses and keeping my core tight. There is always room for improvement. Again this is all with me being a novice kickboxer. Luckily I wasn’t alone in being a beginner and iLoveKickboxing was very accommodating to all levels of fitness. I’m typically not a sweater but since being a member, I sweat like hell in every class. I’m anxious to see what the three month results will look like.

Now normally folks just focus on the fitness aspect of the results, which is cool but I assure you that these workouts have also altered my nutrition. Cook Out (for my folks down South) isn’t as appealing anymore and Nutrigrain bars, Gatorade and Water are my new best friends. I’m still not the healthiest eater but I do proportion well. I eat when I’m hungry. I snack when I’m not. When my body says rest I rest. There is no one formula to it and everyone’s body is different. I simply listen to mine. This is the most in tune I’ve ever been with my body and loving it.

Nevertheless, results don’t lie.

July 2, 2018