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See What Had Happened Was….

So this is a story all about how

I once had locs and took em right out

And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there

To tell you how I made the transition

Back to big hair


Ok maybe not.

I gave the starter locs my best y’all. I did. I was so relieved to not have to manipulate my hair daily. But at the end of the day I missed my afro more and I have no regrets about combing them out.

It took approximately 1.5 hours to pick them out using the tail end of my rat tail comb. Once I got them badboys out though…….


(It definitely could have taken longer. There’s a girl on YouTube that combed hers out after seven years! My little two months was nothing!)

I was too burnt out to wash and detangle it so I pulled it into a poof and headed out for the night.


The growth was incredible!

When I finally washed it (next day geez!), I decided to wash it in halves which helped getting all the knots out. The only tool that I used to detangle was my old faithful and sturdy wide tooth comb. This is THEE ONLY comb that I haven’t broken in years unfortunately.

Same process from the locs, pre-poo, shampoo, condition and twist.

These were the juiciest two strand twists that I’ve had in a long time.

So here’s what I learned from my short time with locs.

  1. Your starter method matters more than you think. I think that I would have been happier if I had of started with the coil method instead of the two strand twist method. I’m pretty sure that length when you begin the process matters as well. I think that if I started with shorter hair, I wouldn’t have had sooooo much unraveling.
  2. All products are not created equal. A lot of them “designed for locs” aren’t good for them. But that goes for any product. I’m allergic to coconut which has always worked against my natural hair journey and a majority of the natural hair products are loaded with it. It’s not easy or cheap to be selective. I also found out the hard way that “cocamidopropyl betaine” is also a derivative of coconut oil.img_1126
  3. Buildup is NOT cool. I think I overwashed my locs for that exact reason. I’m definitely used to washing once a week which is a real no go. Patience is key and I thought I had it. I don’t. my hair simply wasn’t feeling it. So I listened to it. The fro is back!
Self Discovery

Loc’d Up: The Journey 1 Month In

I know I know. It’s hella early and my hair is only 5% locked, 95% two strand twists. So what. There are 62 babies on my head (give or take a few that may have not been counted) that I am responsible for nurturing. I decided Easter Sunday that it was finally time to make that move. It’s been a long time comin but change was bound to come. The texture of my hair has always been fitting for locs.

My dad has locs

And my brother has locs

And now me

As with any new hairstyle, I did my research. Lemme tell you something. The emphasis on my journey isn’t just about the hair. The journey is about breaking down my own barriers, seeking knowledge and understanding, practicing patience and continuing to cultivating the light within.

Months ago and prior to setting foot on this journey, I was introduced to Palo Santo and the healing powers of Himalayan Salt lamps. And a few months ago, I was introduced to yoga. Let me tell you that if you would have told twenty five year old me that I’d be burning Palo Santo walking through my apartment or strategically placing the salt lamps, I would have told you to get the hell on. I was taught to only rely on the religious (often questionable) beliefs that I had been taught. Believing in the healing properties of anything outside of the King James bible were completely taboo. That’s another story for another day.

This is what I started with

Everyone knows, I am not one to keep my hair in a certain style for a long period of time.

I knew that it was going to take dedication and loyalty that I’d never tested before. Even now, none of my friends believe that I’ll stick with my decision and I’m not sticking to my guns to prove them wrong. The decision to manipulate your hair should NEVER be in the hands of other people.

One month in.

I quickly learned that the locking process is more low maintenance than I thought. The recurring advice that I kept seeing and hearing was that all your hair needs is water, love and to be left alone…….again something that I’m not used to.

My hair seemingly grows overnight so in about a week there was enough new growth to cover the parts I so carefully made for my two strand twists. But nonetheless, I continued with my routine. Mist spray with water in the mornings (oil spray twice a week) and again as soon as I get off work. Shower cap in the shower and wrapped in a silk scarf at bedtime.

And drink plenty of WATER!

Dassit. The rest of the magic happens on its own.

1st wash and retwist and style 4/21/18

Shampoo: Camille Rose Cleansing Rinse

Retwist: Talia Waajid Lock It Up Gel, Water, Rose Hip Oil, Silk Elements Eucalyptus & Honey Mist

Here we are May 1, 2018.

Unraveled like hell but I’ll be re-twisting this weekend.

I’m hoping that the routine will remain the same and I’m anxious to see the growth at the two month mark.

Stay tuned

*note. I wanted my shampoo to remain constant. Camille Rose has never let me down. NEVER! It was just as cleansing on my starter locs as it was on my loose hair. Now what I use for re-twisting is up for grabs until I find the product that fits my hair.