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You Know What’s Up

Everyday, there’s at least one email that I type up and delete.

It’s an email of me venting my corporate frustrations.

Some of us function daily as boiling tea kettles in the workplace. There is so much that needs to be said to all of the right people but when it all boils down to it, we can’t afford to. There’s too much risk of being fired. And the bills still gotta get PAID.

This email will never really have a subject line because regardless of what it says it would likely be opened, read and moved to a folder by blind eyes wanting to ignore the truth. My biggest gripes at the moment is about the corporate language being pushed in regard to teamwork and the lack of logic that happens during promotions.

The word teamwork is overused. And it’s a bit of a stretch. Teamwork is just about that, teamwork. Not cliques and favorites. We all should be working together to accomplish team goals and not focusing on demeaning and disrespecting the ideas of others depending on how close you are to the boss. It’s about being able to share ideas as a collective. I’d just really like for people to work on treating each other with kindness, fairness and most importantly respect. Especially in the workplace.

And another thing.

Would you trust a random passenger to fly an airplane? No? Would you trust a toddler to drive your car? No. Then why would you promote people to lead over positions that they have never filled themselves? Management that is 100% out of the loop is tired. They also tend to not be open to the ideas that we (the actual fillers of these positions) suggest for improvement because somehow we don’t know what we are talking about. Not only will it continue to bring down a team’s morale, but when all hell breaks loose, they will play the bystander, unable to assist in any way, shape or form other than making up excuses to feed to their higher ups, placing blame and pointing fingers. You know how the saying goes. When you point one finger, you have three more pointing back at yourself. Good leadership is not synonymous with seniority. A person that has been in the same exact position for more than 10 years without continuing to develop themselves as a leader will ultimately lead to a team’s demise. Everything is constantly evolving.

Get your Bachelors degree “they” said. Got it. Oh, you need to have a Masters degree for this position. Got that too. Then it’s sorry but this position has been filled, closed or requires someone with 10,000 years worth of experience and a personal letter of recommendation from President Obama. Many companies are embracing the likes and talents of us, the qualified (and sometimes overly qualified) millennial. But many more are doing a great job of keeping us out.


The millennial generation is full force and taking charge. The old ways of thought are simply no longer effective.

We will work around you or through you.

We are aware that there is always a loophole. We will look for it. We will find it. And we will use it to our advantage. We didn’t rack up thousands of dollars in student loan debt to remain stationary. And we are also no longer accepting the excuse of “you don’t have the experience.” How can we get this said experience if we are not granted the opportunity? We simply ask that you take a chance on us the same way that someone took a chance on you.

But let me get out of my feelings and get back to work. I’ll type another email tomorrow.