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Try Something New: Cigars

I’ve decided to start a new series for Pretty Dope Right called Try Something New. If you’ve been reading faithfully, you’ve noticed that I blog about a variety of things from album reviews, personal stories, interviews etc. I’m just all over the place most days. While many of the posts are interesting, I thought it’d be even cooler to share with you all some of the other pretty dope things that I dibble and dabble in. And viola! That’s how this series began. I’ll be sharing these periodically.

One of the biggest perks of Try Something New is that it will allow you to experience things with my without actually spending the time or money. I’m pretty frugal myself so most of the things are explore are pretty cheap. And if you’re anything like me, reviews don’t lie (most of the time). My reviews tend to be rather detailed (because I’m wordy). If you try it for yourself and have a different experience, don’t hesitate to let me know but be prepared to be drawn into the topic and lead off the subject.

So getting into it.


Did me mentioning cigars trigger the memory of its scent? Was it disgusting? Well look, I agree that cigars don’t produce the most pleasant scents, but depending on the brand and flavor you get, it’s not extremely unbearable.

Now Racquell, what in all the hell made you want to smoke a cigar?

There always has to be a why. Smoking cigars is traditionally associated with men. To know me is to know that I and my home girls love to challenge the stereotypes. I’m always looking for more ways to be well-rounded. Why not give it a shot just to say I did it? Who knows, I may have to conduct business at a cigar lounge right?

Who better to call and get the scoop about cigars other than my cousin Toy, the coolest cigar smoker that you’ve ever seen take a puff!

See. I told you.

She organized a SOTL (Sisters of the Leaf) meetup in the cigar store at JR Cigar Outlet in Burlington NC. They have a huge selection of cigars, cutters, bowls, wines and cigarillos just to name a few items. Toy gave us the full rundown on all the popular cigar brands and best flavors to choose from.

I settled on a Vanilla Tatiana cigar per recommendation and guess what yall? I didn’t die! Granted it took me a few puffs to get the hang of it but once I did, you couldn’t tell me nothin’. I felt like a mob boss. Ready to call the shots!

I learned about a few cigar basics such as bullet punching, cutting and ash lines.

The buzz I got was similar to that of a good quality hookah. Unfortunately if you’re one of my more “herbal” friends, I’m sorry but this ain’t gon do nothing for you.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the fancy cigar boxes that are for sale in the store as well. These boxes were only $2 each. Goodbye and so long TJ Maxx.

Sorry it’s sideways.


What are some of your favor brands and flavors?