Self Discovery

Everything You Own in a Box to the Left

I’m moving……AGAIN.

This is the third time that I’ve moved in three doggone years. I swear that I don’t do it deliberately. It just kinda happens. But I knew about a month in that I would be leaving this spot as soon as the lease was up. I was hoodwinked, swindled and bamboozled. And finally the time has come.

Tomorrow is moving day. And guess what I’ve packed? Not a damn thing. I just don’t feel like boxing up anything. I have way too much mess. It’s even worse that I never truly know what I have until it time to move. After sharing the small studio with Chris while on vacation, I realized that I’m a hoarder. There. I admitted it. That’s the first step right? I came back home and felt cluttered in my own space. Each new apartment keeps getting bigger and bigger so I buy more crap to fill the space. I could very easily live with less……the bare necessities.

That being said, I’m getting rid of a few things. All the mental and emotional unpacking that I’ve done, yet somehow I forgot to get rid of the physical stuff as well. Clothes, books, shoes…..ya know….all the major culprits.

So……I decided to share a few things that I forgot to consider when moving

  • Fees
    • Movers or friends/family to help?
    • Renting a UHaul
    • Boxes
    • Connection fees (utilities, cable/internet)
  • Location
    • Proximity to work (cause gas ain’t cheap)
    • Safety (are there gates or alarms?)
    • Access to shopping/major highways, the bat signal?
  • Amenities
    • Clubhouse/pool/gym/socials (you pay for them, take advantage)
    • Washer/dryer connections
    • Vaulted ceilings (when you’re as tall as me, these things matter)

Those are the basics but the most critical.

Ugh, let me go pack