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So I’m only a few months shy of my ten year high school reunion. Yes it’s already been ten years since the Northern Vance High School Class of 2008 has been together. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting Mr. Pearce’s AP English class being convinced that Emily Dickinson was the greatest American poet. If no one else, I’m especially stoked to see a few familiar faces.

What a coincidence. Tangled by James W. Lewis is just about that! Tangled gives us the dramatic unfolding that takes place at the Monte Clara Class of 2005 high school reunion. I wish I could give you all the juicy details but then you wouldn’t be compelled to read it.

But here’s what I CAN tell you.

James does a fantastic job of placing readers into the heart of the fictional drama. The fact that I’m around the same age as most of the characters added to the effect of the emotions and frustrations that the characters experienced throughout the book.

The books chapters are divided into characters. This allows readers a glimpse into each characters perspective while still keeping them all interwoven up until it goes down at the reunion. Gerald, Lisa, Greg, Aanya, Quinton and Yara could very easily identify as people that I know.

Everyone knows that life happens. James introduces each character by catching us up to speed on how their lives have evolved since high school. The stories are very familiar. The hopes and dreams that we have post-graduation are often deferred for various reasons. He details how these deferrals have affected each character. It was easy to relate to where I thought I’d be in life at this age. Like Lisa, I too thought that I’d be a homeowner, business owner, wife and mother by now.

Gang, I really wish that I could go into greater detail but I can’t. You’ll have to read it for yourself and then we can discuss.  Tune in Saturday April 28 at 4:30pm EST via Pretty Dope Reads Book Club to discuss Tangled on Facebook Live with my book club. Make sure you read that facts that James shares at the end of the book in addition to reviewing it on Amazon. Oh yea, and tell a friend to tell a friend too.

*A very special thank you goes out to the author, Mr. James W. Lewis himself. Thank you for reaching out to me and getting a copy of the book in my hands. I am forever grateful.